Uniforms & Corporate Wear

What we do

We are all aware of the importance of uniforms in the corporate world, and how much of a reflection of the business they can be. At Style Networth we will make sure that all your employees will always look perfectly in line with your business, wearing not only the right attire but also wearing it with the right fit.

We would make a initial assessment of your establishment and of your uniform requirements, no matter where your business is based, we will travel to see your company anywhere in the world. We will then present a proposal with a variety of options you can chose from. Subsequently we will visit your site again to fit each member of staff individually, whether is for Made to Measure or simply for Ready to Wear uniforms. After the agreed delivery we will always make sure the employee is happy with the fitting of the look and that the uniform itself is worn with pride and elegance and fits as it should be.

Ultimately we also offer post fitting services, utilising local  tailors in the event further alterations are required.



Ready to Wear


Choose from our reliable and well established suppliers based in Italy and U.K. a variety of ready to wear collections, perfectly selected and suggested to meet any specific standards and requirements of each establishment. Hotels, Casinos, Clubs, Cruise Ships, Private Security Firms, Sport Clubs, Banking and Aviation Institutions.

Made to Measure


We collaborate with the best fabric mills suppliers and made to measure manufacturers in the world, mainly from Italy and U.K.

Chose your favourite design from our collection for each part of your uniform, jacket, trousers, waistcoat, shirts

With limitless customisation we will measure each member of your team and create the perfect made to measure uniform with the best fit.

Ultimate Bespoke


The ultimate bespoke services is only available upon request and include total design from scratch of your uniform. Selecting from an exclusive range of unique fabrics, you will be able to guide us as to what you are inspired to achieve and we will facilitate the creation of unique garments.

The Process


#1: Introduction meeting

During our first meeting we will be gathering all important information and requirements, specification, volumes, quantities, budgets and time frame. We will also present our clients with some options of our services. 

#2: Options Proposal

 We will email with a proposal presenting several budget based options to chose from. 

#3: Agreement confirmation & First Fitting

Once an agreement has been reached and our clients is happy proceed with our terms & conditions we will start measuring all staff wearing the uniforms. 

Measurements are usually taken on site of the client by our very experienced Italian master tailor, Salvatore Amato. Occasionally we can also arrange for staff to visit our temporary pop up showroom. We will visit any establishment in any part of the world!

#4: Order Production & Delivery

After the order is completed we will commence the production. The delivery will be shipped directly to client anywhere in the world. We will take care or custom clearance and import duties logistics.

#5: Second Fitting

The uniforms will be tried on individually and personally to each member of staff, making sure that the fitting is no less than perfect. Should any minor alterations be required we will liaise with a local tailor making sure that the right adjustments are executed.  All these services are included in our packages, sparing the operation managers the headaches of dealing with tedious and time consuming part of the business.

#6: Follow up

Our Services do NOT end at the last fitting, we will always make sure that we are available for our clients at all times, for reorders, additional staff members uniforms, damages and wear & tear.